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July 2006

Pre_Reunion Xpectation.

Well, lets see .... wats on my mind now??? Yep, 2morow... 2morow's "Reunion".... All my 12th grade classmates r gettin together after almost 2 yrs... or even more.... well, I do keep in touch wid a couple of em ...thanx... Continue Reading →


Im 20 going on its way beyond time to jus think.

Well... I turned 20 a few days back.... Yep.. im no more a teenager.. N now if u ask me how that feels??.... It feels no different!! I was always a mature girl for my age !! Why?? Anyones got... Continue Reading →

Ohh I love my Panda darling!!

Ohhhhhhhh I love my Panda.... She's the best dog I've ever known!! I named her Panda.... coz...coz... she looks like one.. !!! She's a smaller n sweeter version of the huge Panda bears!!! I had this assignment in photography comin... Continue Reading →

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