Only love could make a way

Knowing Him a bit more each day


August 2006

Whats Your Ambition?

"What do u wanna grow up to be?".... "Whats ur ambition?".... These are some of the questions that I've grown up with! As far as I can go back to my memories... even in my kinder garden classes, I've heard... Continue Reading →


Wierd! Thats the word for this!

I had a fight wid someone for some reason... n then I went to this place.. a place that made me feel I kudnt get outta that building... a huge building where I was all alone.....n then I went... Continue Reading →

Love hurts!

A friend who read my previous blog "I wanna belong!" where I had stated, " Get a bf now n I’ll hav other troubles for free….." has a lil doubt if I got "Boyfriend allergy" ... N he has challenged... Continue Reading →

I wanna belong!

Im in a very emotional state rite now....... n that might reflect on my blog..... N u shudnt read any further of this if ur gonna take my emotions lightly or widout the due respect!! Hmm.... n I might talk... Continue Reading →

How careless can I be !

It was one of those days wen there were unusually a whole lotta things to b done.... n jus the way I like it, I got em all planned out in my mind step by step... Hmmm... I guess Im... Continue Reading →

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