Only love could make a way

Knowing Him a bit more each day


September 2006

What does your Handwriting say about you?

People love to know what others got to say about them, and why not be excited about what their handwriting's got to say about them! Im no expert in the subject at hand, but I did go through a book... Continue Reading →


Wudn’t u trust Him ?

A girl commented on my post "Wat's ur ambition" , n this song is a dedication for u.. I dunno who u r.. But hope u like it.. 🙂 Its a song, n I've put music to it too... But... Continue Reading →

Love or Friendship?

A poem I never completed..... " I knew you were for me, but what will you be? a friend? or something more? a hidden love in my heart's core?" Another poem i found in my diary that I wrote as... Continue Reading →

12 yr old’s love song.

I was searching my cupboard for some papers wen "My box of memories" got my attention. Its a box where I store up all my diaries, letters from friends, cards, gifts, n even some silly things like a name slip... Continue Reading →

Turning a fresh new page…

I get bored very easily, esp. with myself... n that could b the reason why I keep tring new things.. And recently I've been making a few changes to myself. -> I got tired of the way I look, n... Continue Reading →

Art of eating Sadhya

If having noodles using chop sticks need practice, so does having Sadhya in a banana leaf using ur fingers! Sadhya is a full fledged malayali vegetarian meals with approx. 25-30 types of dishes. Its had during special occasions like Onam... Continue Reading →

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