People love to know what others got to say about them, and why not be excited about what their handwriting’s got to say about them! Im no expert in the subject at hand, but I did go through a book on Graphology a few years back. I’m telling you, its fun! Google defines it as, ” The study of handwriting, especially when employed as a means of analyzing character.” Its based on science. ( not superstition, as in zodiac signs and other astrological predictions) What’s amazing is that this science is used even in courts to distinguish a murder from a suicide. ( because if its an actual suicidal letter, the handwriting would support his/her mental condition and make it look very messy.. but if it’s someone else who wrote that letter.. it would be easy for a graphologist to suspect a murder) Check out FBI files in Discovery channel. You’ll be surprised how often graphologists save the day and put the guilty behind iron bars! But as for me, I love graphology because I can have fun freaking newly made friends by telling them there characters from their handwritings. 🙂 Since I consider all my readers my friends, I’ll start with you… Take a plain paper and write whatever you feel like. Make it atleast three sentences. Now I insist that you write before you read any further, cause accuracy of graphology depends on the writer’s mental state when he/she is writing.. and if you are conscious of being analysed by what you write, you might not get an interesting character definition.. Anyways, here are a few points to look at that helps find what your handwriting’s got to say about you…

1. If you started writing from the top of the paper, you are a pretty organized person. You look before you leap. And if you started writing from the centre, you might be a person who likes to be the centre of attention or you are very disorganized.

2. The lesser space you leave to the left side of your page, that much attached you are to your past experiences.. you dont tend to forget your past that easy. And the lesser space you have at the right side of the paper, the more you think about your future..

3. Check out the slant of your lines. Do your lines ascend from left to write? then your in a good mood now! And if the lines go down from left to right, then you might have had a bad day. And if its in no regular order, going up and down, then you are very confused. And if the lines are as straight as an MS Word file… then you are in a neutral mood right now.

4. Do you have a handwriting that slants to the right like “this”, the more it slants to the right, the more emotional you are. And the more it slants to the left, the more hard hearted you are.. And if it stands straight up like this font, then you are a very stable person.

5. If your handwriting looks organized, into neat paragraphs and lines that are parallel to each other, then you are organized. If your handwriting looks confused, then you are confused.

6. Now check out your “o”s . Do you completely close the “o”s ?? Or do you have “o”s that might be confused to “u”s ??? The more open your “o”s are, the more open minded you are. And the more closed your “o”s are, the more difficult it is for you to open up to people.

7. Check out your “e”s. How long is the tail of your “e”s?? … Im not talking about the loop on top of an “e” , but the extention line that comes below. The more the extention of your “e” , the more generous you are.. and the shorter tail you have, the more kanjuse you are.

8. How sharp are the curves of your “t”s and “f”s ?? The sharper, the more hot tempered you are.

9. The more curves and loops you add to your alphabets, the more artistic you are.

10. If the dots of your “i”s n “j”s are just dots, then you are quite an easy going person. But if your one of those who draw a small circle instead of a simple dot, you might be a reserved person. Even if you talk a lot, you still dont open up your inner feelings to others easily. And there are even people who don’t put a dot at all… if ur one of them, Im sorry.. I forgot what that stands for..

There is a whole lot more of such details where your handwriting reveals your character..

If you see these two sentences, what do you think??

“My name is Becky.”

“I’m        36 years old.”

Nope, its not my name, nor my age… But if a graphologist looks at it, he/she will doubt the credibility of the ladies age being 36, cause he will notice the gap before she writes her age… which shows, she paused there… and thought for a second what to write… she might have decided to write the truth anyways, or decided to lie… but whatever the case, it sure will get the graphologist’s suspicious eyes. So guys/girls, if you write a love letter to your betterhalf, check out if you left a gap before details.. esp. if you have written something like,

” Come on sweetheart, you know I       love you….”

or “sure I      trust you”

If you did, you better take another paper and write again…. he/she might have gone through some article on graphology , or may be even this post.. and might start suspecting your love… 🙂 And if your disappointed with what your handwriting is telling about you, dont worry, just change your handwriting, and your character might change too 🙂 Lolz.. But easier than changing your “handwriting” to change your character for the better , u just need to ask your creator to change you. A small prayer to Jesus and He’ll help you out! 😀

There is a lot more I could tell you about graphology, But its hard to explain when there is a computer between us.. but may be when I get to see you next time… till then bubye. Have fun. And keep writing. Computer printed letters and documents really disappoint me now… you tend to loose out on knowing so much more about people that you cold have known if they had written in their original handwritting. emm…