Only love could make a way

Knowing Him a bit more each day


October 2006

Took too long…

She lay down on her bed staring out through the window. Her thoughts wandering many places, events and people... but the thoughts kept coming back to him... "Why do I keep thinking of him?? Its all over!!..." she thought and... Continue Reading →


Rainy days are here again!

I wanna see the stars in the night sky... But why is the sky so clowdy these days? I wanna speak my heart out to someone.. But why is it that I dont know wat to say? I wanna continue... Continue Reading →

Camera goof ups!

Im back to my crazy, normal self again! The past few days I've been tring to get MORE sensible... n mature... n practical... n organized and all those "perfection" stuff by making schedules after schedules... n more of schedules !... Continue Reading →

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