Only love could make a way

Knowing Him a bit more each day


March 2007

Lion ‘n Dove… fall in Love!!!

When you are on the "hunt" for your Mister/Miss Perfect, you might never find him/her... You might go into a trial and error method of tring out anyone and everyone you come across, but you may/maynot end up with that... Continue Reading →


Lost and found property!

There was this tableau competition in college and I was the professor who got beaten up by his students and died, so had to look like a man, and so had to remove my gold earing. Now after the competetion,... Continue Reading →

‘I AM’ coming back…

I have been saying that I will get back to blogging... and it has been months since I started saying that! And I know people loose their anticipation to welcome you back after a certain period of waiting! But yep,... Continue Reading →

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