Only love could make a way

Knowing Him a bit more each day


July 2007

Why not an atheist ???!!!

Me, a once- upon- a- time- weak- atheist, can tell you why I personally didnot get to the strong- atheist level…and instead became crazy in love with God! The reason is… I lost my EGO!!!!! 😀 The realisation that people-... Continue Reading →


Perfect love casts away all fear!

She had her share of bitter experiences of life at a very young age... Of being over powered... of being forced into things she detested... She hated herself... she blamed herself that she couldnot overcome those strong hands that pulled... Continue Reading →

From home to tents…

I'm leaving home… I'm leaving my cage… I'm gonna be given the freedom I always wanted… and yet I'm already missing the over-protective life I always lived… aww… my over-protective father is such a sweetheart… who will love me like... Continue Reading →

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