Its been a while ( quite a while) since I wrote my last blog. Been busy… and then got lazy… Anyways, the good/ bad news is that Im gonna try writing again! 😀 Considering that I’ve passed college life, earned a living for 13 months, celebrated two birthdays, a marriage and a one month marriage anniversary between my last blog and now, I might have grown wiser (hopefully) and more experienced! Ahmm… So let me share a lil about my new job..


My first job as a Process Executive in British Telecom and my current job of “Home Management” has too many differences.. The first job has nothing to bost about if you knew what I actually did.. But the new one is even more humbling at times..


My Induction period was fun. Eat from hotels everyday.. Go to beautiful places.. Spend the whole day with my love! In other words, its called ‘Honeymoon’.


Then the actual work started after we got the gas connection at home. Wake up in the morning and think of what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner… Make tea coz my boss/ my husband finds it too hard to manage the day otherwise! Quality check for the job is done over every meal.. “So how is the food? Spicy? Too much salt?? Good? Bad? Ugly? ” One look on his face of appreciation and the day feels successful… One look of .. “Oh its ok. ok.. ” means ?? I haven’t figured that out yet.. May be it means ‘just average taste’… or may be its terribly bad and he didn’t wanna say so!!?? Or was he in a bad mood??  Why was he in a bad mood??! Did I do something wrong?? Insecurity level is very high in this job! A day’s performance is over with one look on his face! And bad performance means?? .. Replacement?? Will he replace me for another woman who is better at cooking?? Or better at looks?? Well I dont want to be replaced… I can not be replaced.. He dare not replace me!!! Or will he want to? wish to?? will he??? 😦


It went on like this for sometime… and finally the job pressure reached its peak. Frustration started to creep in… What nonsense!!?? Is this why I went through all the education in school and college?? Is this why I slogged in that company to get a years experience certificate? Now my one whole days work is to please one man?? I dont even get paid for it! Gosh! And no body acknowledges what I do as a job… What respect in society if I say I’m a housewife.. I mean Home Manager!! I need to find a proper job!!! NOW!!!!


So that night, before sleep, I had a discusion with my manager about my career goals.. about my lack of satisfaction with my current post.. And he took out his best weapon to solve it.. LOVE! Ok.. So he won….. Awwww… he is so sweet.. I dont mind cooking for him… and washing plates… and washing his clothes… and cleaning the house… and doing all this all over again each day… Hmm… or do I??? The worst part is the work I do never stays done… My smart manager can calm me down with his words of love for may be a few hours or a lil more than that .. But what I really needed was from someone else. The Big Boss who assigned me the job…


HE : “So you are not happy with your job.. ?”

Me: ” Well.. kinda not happy… This job doesn’t seem to have any dignity nor does it seem to give me a purpose in life!”

HE: ” Well according to your requests, this job is the best one for you!”

Me: “Huh??!! How is that?”

HE: “You said you wanted a job that will help you get closer to ME and be more and more like ME!”

Me: “Ya.. So??? How does doing a job like this… of a housemaid help me be like YOU?”

HE: “Well, common.. you know ME better than that.. I have always set an example to serve.. Though I am God, I still washed my disciples feet.. I cooked for my friends.. I died on the cross for the punishment of all your sins and sins of the world… To be the greatest in MY kingdom, you need to be the servant of all… If you find it hard to serve the one man you know you truely love, how will you serve the world and be like ME?”

Me: ”  But 😦 but… Its not that simple for me… What I do seems so unimportant!”

HE: “There are two questions to measure a value of something… 1) How necessary is it? 2) What effect does it have on the lives of others?”

Me: “Well.. cooking and cleaning and all is very necessary.. else we will die of hunger or with some disease due to the dirt around!”

HE: “Absolutely..”

Me: “And it is a lot of help to my husband cause he does not have the time to do these things after work.. And someone has to do it!”

HE: “Right! Now you get me… So rejoice in your job my dear.. and do it with the right attitude.. It will teach you the attitude of a servant.. and you will grow in MY image and in MY likeness… Be blessed!”

Me : ”  Awesome 😀 Lemme try a new recepie for dinner tonight… And thank you mom for serving me and our family all these years… You deserve more appreciation than what you received! “