Blessed with an amazing husband, loving friends, supportive family, decent social status, a number of talents, good health, financial comfort,  and all that one could ask for, I don’t have much to complain about life… But ofcourse, the normal human that I am, I do manage to rant everyday… Recently I put the blame on ‘Facebook’ as my temptor/ weapon of the devil … I am guilty of spending many hours of my day browsing through the photos of my friends /acquaintance… far and near… in facebook … and turn back thinking.. Wow… what a life they have… and my life stinks!! Since the reasons might appear silly, I shall not mention them here… But to state a few examples… ”all the photos look so good.. they must be having so much fun all the time.. why is my life so boring?” … “They look picture perfect all the time.. why is my hair so messy??”… 

I know ranting isn’t the best of things to do, but ofcourse the pleasure of quoting all that I wish I had is something too soothing to avoid. And we all seem to have atleast one person in our small world / facebook / orkut .. e.t.c… who have what we want… or atleast seem like it!!  And that someone knows someone else who has what he always wanted. And nothing we get seem to quite satisfy us for more than a while.  Its like we are all a bottom less pit that can never be satisfied inspite of getting what we craved for just a few minutes back!  But godliness with contentment is great gain! (1 Tim 6:6)

Its amazing that God is actually molding a bride out of me / us for Himself… If I were God, I would have given up on myself long back and created a wife with all the divine qualities and lived happily ever after. But Im glad Im just me, and Jesus is God, and He was so crazy that He died to take all the punishment that I deserve, just so that He can have me, the messed up girl that I am… Give me beauty for ashes and make me / us His bride.

If you have life.. then you are privileged… There are too many who dont have a tomorrow to look forward to… If you have life you still have hope… If you are reading this blog, you must realize there are many who don’t have this privilege of technological advancements.

Count your blessings, name them one by one…

And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.