I got married just a few months back. But I already have a husband in Jesus.

We can learn so much about Jesus through every relationship we have in this life. Father, mother, brother, friend, boss, government, they all show a facet of God. But I feel the best one is in a spouse,in marriage. This is eternal life that you might know Him. () So we will always have something new to know about Him. Such an amazing God. And He lead me to marry my husband. I will refer to him as ‘Ariel’. My husband likes the name Ariel because it means lion. He would like to be one☺ There is a lot in a name. My God is known by many names. Some call Him Jehovah Jireh cause he provides for them. Some call Him Jehovah Raphe cause He is a healer to them. I mostly call him ‘Jesus’ my saviour. I used to say Abba when I pray. Because I related to God as a father. Now I want to know Him more as my husband.

When I got married, I had to loose my name that I had all my life and add Ariel’s name to myself. It was a change in identity that was difficult to get used to. Jesus said, “This you must understand my dear that to be my bride, you must loose yourself… die to yourself everyday and take on the new identity that I give you.” I understood the significance of this change when I went to the middle east with Ariel. That was the place where his father lived and I was allowed to enter this foreign land just because I was Mrs Ariel. Jesus said, “There is only one name that can give you the visa to enter my father’s kingdom, and that is my name!”

I was amazed at the truth and he continued to teach me more about himself. I had to stop working after marriage as I moved home Now I depended on Ariel for the simplest of things like buying food, to traveling, to the place to stay and so on… Jesus said, ” I expect a total dependence on me when you are my bride…all that I have belongs to you… ask and you will receive”… I was amazed at the promise… I know I can ask for anything Ariel had and he would give me… But to get anything that Jesus had… he has everything… and if I have that promise… I can truely have anything… But ofcourse as a true wife I wouldn’t ask for something that he would not be pleased with… and I know that as a superb husband he will not keep me from having what I need… There are many who marry for the money of the husband but Jesus knows the heart of all and he will choose his wife accordingly!

The other day I went out to meet my cousins… I was caught up in traffic and was very late to reach back home… Ariel was very upset that I went out late and he wouldn’t speak to me for a while… I was surprised at his anger and asked him why he was so concerned.. that it was my life…. Then he looked up to me and said that I was a treasure to him and I shouldn’t be so careless with his treasure… My eyes were filled with tears of joy and hug him in awe of his love… Later Jesus told me that Ariel loved me so much and I was a treasure to him though the price he paid for me was very little… He said, “How much more have I paid for you my love… I paid my life for you.. you are so precious to me.. and yet so often you are so careless with yourself… my treasure… Everytime you play with sin and take your life lightly, you are being careless with My treasure”.

Many such incidents have taught me more and more about my Jesus… He will continue to teach me for eternity… In the mean time I love my Ariel cause he is not only my husband, but my gift from Jesus… a reflection … a poor reflection… of the love that Jesus has for me…

Love you sweetheart (s)