I got this forwarded sms a while back. And thats all I can think of, so here it is..

“Absence must be long enough so that somebody misses you… But it should not be too long, that somebody learns to live without you….. So keep in touch.”

It might apply to many friends… family members… some special friends… some not so special … But remember it also applies to you…You might soon learn to live without them… Is there someone you know you can’t live without… and yet you don’t keep in touch with them??? … and give reasons like busy/ lazy and others more creative?!!!

I can afort to live without most people… but not without God… Dont stay away from God for too long that you learn to live without Him…. You will die in the process and you will not even realize it….

I’ve heard a story about peope from some place where they eat frogs… They say, if you put a live frog in hot water, it will jump out of it… it knows it will die…. But if you put a live frog is a cool water and slowly heat it up… the frog will not realize that the water is getting warm and by the time it does… its too late cause it does not have the energy to jump out!!! Soon its a meal to feast on… Staying away from God for too long is like that… you wouldn’t even realize that you are away and you will learn to live without Him… and one fine day you’ll wake up and realize you are on your way to hell…

My pastor said last sunday… make God your dwelling place… not a visiting place… Its so true…

So keep in touch……… with your creator!