I took a personality test recently and turns out, I am a Melancholic person. I wasn’t very surprised! When my husband came back from work, I asked him to take the same test… and guess what, he is a Choleric person! The exact opposite of my personality! 

I guess we all get attracted to our opposite personalities. I admire his deep voice that resound with authority, when I am the quite type looking for security. I admire how he is self motivated when I struggle with low self image. He looks at the bigger picture and is amazed at my eye for details… He admires how I am sensitive to people’s need which he fails to notice… He likes to lead and I like to follow. He has a need for change and admires my creativity. The list could go on and on…

But for some reason, we start seeing less of our own weakness and more of our partners weakness after marriage! The same things that once attracted you to each other becomes the reason for friction after marriage… Your eye for details make you realize he doesn’t fullfill your small small dreams… but he doesn’t understand why you dont see the bigger picture that he is working so hard to keep you happy! You suddenly realize that you dont agree with almost anything…

When we stop and kill the self, we will have a better life… a better marriage… There is no perfect person… With every set of strengths come accompanying weaknesses. Its like we subconsciously choose a person who fills in our weak areas so that the two of us fit together and become one! When we focus on each others assets, instead of the weakness we will be able to fill each other’s empty spaces!

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God Bless!