I saw the movie Jodha Akbar some time back… I don’t want to comment much about the movie, except that I like Aiswarya Rai in traditional Indian attire and I liked the song Khwaja Mere Khwaja. I have no idea what it means, but a very pleasant music and a good change to the ears from the typical Hindi film songs! I hope the meaning of the song doesn’t change my opinion about liking the song!!!


What made me write is that the movie made me think of a kingdom…. We, in a democratic society… (or so we call ourselves) cannot easily understand the kingdom principles… We might not even appreciate the kingdom principle…. Of one man having the authority to rule… Or would we ??!!  With the financial recession, people are talking about putting one man in charge of providing a global economic solution… and soon about a global religion to avoid division based on religion… a man who can bring global peace … Do you think we will agree to give power to one man for a global solution ?!!!  Well it might be a slow process… like we might trust a bunch of leaders to work together and unite the world…. and then a global organization may be… which might eventualy lead to a global leader!


If it comes true, wouldn’t that just lead us all to what the Bible prophesies in the book of Revelation??… of 10 kings who will give their authority to  ‘one man’ to rule the world in the end times and soon be revealed as the ‘Anti Christ’?!  Cause kingdom principle gives a lot of power to the king… and I don’t think any human can handle that kind of power… only God can… But what do you think??? We might fall for it???


Well its a prophesy in the Bible…  its sure to happen… Mighnot happen the way we think it will.. or when we think it will… May be in our life time or may be the next generation???  But when these things happen, know that the end is near… and we need to be ready for the true King of all Kings… cause the pseudo peace that the world offers will fade away and we want to be in the kingdom of the victorious King! Not the temporary one….


Also… are we prepared to give our rights of democracy for a kingdom? Would you agree for a global leader? Well its good to be prepared cause the King who is worthy to be King will reveal Himself to everyone soon and all knees shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! 😀