If I had cleaned the house daily, then I wouldn’t have had so much to do in one night.

If I didnt have so much to clean, I could have slept before  4:00 am.

If I had slept earlier, I could have woken up earlier.

If I had woken up earlier, I wouldn’t have been in a hurry and I wouldn’t have forgotten to take my watch and my mobile.

If I had my watch to check the time, I would have known that I had enough time to reach the airport and didnt have to drive fast.

If I wasn’t in a hurry, I wouldn’t have bothered to tell my husband to overtake the truck.

If we weren’t overtaking the truck, we would have more time to see the car speeding towards us.

If we had seen the car speeding towards us earlier, they wouldn’t have blinked their headlights on us driving left and right and left and right!

If they had just slowed down instead of blinking their headlights and confusing us, we wouldn’t have freaked out.

If I had not freaked out, I wouldnt have gone blank and would have told/ helped my husband to drive towards the left and get back behind the truck.

If we had got back behind the truck we wouldn’t have HIT the other car HEAD ON!

If we didnt meet with this accident we didnt have to get into a fight with those college guys speeding in their influential/ gunda/ big shot dad’s car.

If the car didnt belong to this man with holds in the corrupt political world, we could have arranged for the damage cost through insurance claim as simple citizens of India.

If we had sorted the matter through insurance, we didnt have to spend so much money from our own tiny pocket.

If we had saved up a lil extra every month, our pockets wouldn’t have been so tiny.

But then again…

If my husband didnt have that gut feeling that something was going to happen to me, he wouldn’t have asked me to put on the seat belt.

If he didn’t tell me to put on the seat belt, I wouldn’t have put it on cause I dont have the habit to do it.

If I hadn’t put on the seat belt, I would have either had a major head injury or died.

If I died like that, no good would come out of it.

If Jesus didn’t die on the cross for my sins, then I would be doomed!

But thank God for Jesus who died on the cross for our sins, cause that changes all the “If I had”… and brings HOPE.