Being a daughter of parents who were not so excited about my creativity did not bother me at all. I initiated all my creative efforts when I was with them. They never knew I had a blog! They never knew I wrote poems till my English teacher wrote an appreciation letter to them.  Never knew I liked to be an Interior Designer! I never knew that part either. Anyways! So they didn’t push me but I took initiatives!

And then I found my man! We got married.. Loved being in love..  Nothing else was worth spending time on when I could just sit with him and feel special cause we were together.. I guess that’s what we call the Honeymoon period!

But now looking at my friends on Facebook doing stuff.. Seeing the photos of how they go places.. Seeing their photography skills.. Seeing them write inspiring thoughts.. Seeing them being creative and being appreciated, I somehow miss those days! Getting married to a man with different tastes, somehow I feel like blaming him for my sudden drop in creative juice! Why do you think that is?! Why is it so easy to blame him for everything that I don’t do..  When before he walked into my life I never had anyone to say that “Go for it girl!” anyway.

I should tell that to myself every morning and find that inspiration somewhere within.. Somewhere in the Word of God.. Find a purpose for each day..  And do something with my life. Somewhere on the road from being a Daughter to a Wife to a Mother.. I seem to have lost Me! And no one is to blame.. Its just Me.. And I hope I find myself soon.

“Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway.” (Proverbs 8:34)