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Lessons from Painting

Recently, my husband gifted me a sketch pad, a box of poster colors and paint brushes on our anniversary... I was thrilled to learn a new art and I decided to do some reserach on it. I was surprised to see so many Youtube videos on... Continue Reading →


If I had…

If I had cleaned the house daily, then I wouldn't have had so much to do in one night. If I didnt have so much to clean, I could have slept before  4:00 am. If I had slept earlier, I could have... Continue Reading →

Her lonely loooooooooong day……………….

She knew she had a long dream... but she couldn't remember what it was when she woke up... She pondered her mind to recollect the few scenes in her dream... Splashed some water on her face, still trying to remember the... Continue Reading →

Scarey to have kids in this world!!!

I am starting to get bored at home... I'm not planning to work right now... Want to finish my MBA and then search for a suitable job... or have kids... wait til they are grown up... and then start working...... Continue Reading →

Understanding Jesus through my marriage

I got married just a few months back. But I already have a husband in Jesus. We can learn so much about Jesus through every relationship we have in this life. Father, mother, brother, friend, boss, government, they all show... Continue Reading →

Contented life… so hard to find and so precious!

Blessed with an amazing husband, loving friends, supportive family, decent social status, a number of talents, good health, financial comfort,  and all that one could ask for, I don’t have much to complain about life… But ofcourse, the normal human that I... Continue Reading →

Whats the whole point of life/ living??

I have always had some "dream" to keep me going in life... The biggest dream I ever had has come true... I had my share of celebrating it... Now I'm stuck!!! What next??  Initially they were short term dreams... like pass... Continue Reading →

Why not an atheist ???!!!

Me, a once- upon- a- time- weak- atheist, can tell you why I personally didnot get to the strong- atheist level…and instead became crazy in love with God! The reason is… I lost my EGO!!!!! 😀 The realisation that people-... Continue Reading →

From home to tents…

I'm leaving home… I'm leaving my cage… I'm gonna be given the freedom I always wanted… and yet I'm already missing the over-protective life I always lived… aww… my over-protective father is such a sweetheart… who will love me like... Continue Reading →

Do you have your Citizenship proof?

I saw a building overflowing with people and I was sure I had found the place I was looking for - the Passport Office! Got myself an application form from an old man and decided to take it back home... Continue Reading →

Lion ‘n Dove… fall in Love!!!

When you are on the "hunt" for your Mister/Miss Perfect, you might never find him/her... You might go into a trial and error method of tring out anyone and everyone you come across, but you may/maynot end up with that... Continue Reading →

Lost and found property!

There was this tableau competition in college and I was the professor who got beaten up by his students and died, so had to look like a man, and so had to remove my gold earing. Now after the competetion,... Continue Reading →

Just the way I am

Artist: All4love Album: (still need to work on it.. 😉 ) Track: Just the way I am.   I tried to fit into the world, playing different roles in different places. I tried to fill my emptiness, doing different things... Continue Reading →

Wudn’t u trust Him ?

A girl commented on my post "Wat's ur ambition" , n this song is a dedication for u.. I dunno who u r.. But hope u like it.. 🙂 Its a song, n I've put music to it too... But... Continue Reading →

Wierd! Thats the word for this!

I had a fight wid someone for some reason... n then I went to this place.. a place that made me feel I kudnt get outta that building... a huge building where I was all alone.....n then I went... Continue Reading →

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