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Lost and found property!

There was this tableau competition in college and I was the professor who got beaten up by his students and died, so had to look like a man, and so had to remove my gold earing. Now after the competetion,... Continue Reading →


Rainy days are here again!

I wanna see the stars in the night sky... But why is the sky so clowdy these days? I wanna speak my heart out to someone.. But why is it that I dont know wat to say? I wanna continue... Continue Reading →

Camera goof ups!

Im back to my crazy, normal self again! The past few days I've been tring to get MORE sensible... n mature... n practical... n organized and all those "perfection" stuff by making schedules after schedules... n more of schedules !... Continue Reading →

What does your Handwriting say about you?

People love to know what others got to say about them, and why not be excited about what their handwriting's got to say about them! Im no expert in the subject at hand, but I did go through a book... Continue Reading →

Art of eating Sadhya

If having noodles using chop sticks need practice, so does having Sadhya in a banana leaf using ur fingers! Sadhya is a full fledged malayali vegetarian meals with approx. 25-30 types of dishes. Its had during special occasions like Onam... Continue Reading →

Whats Your Ambition?

"What do u wanna grow up to be?".... "Whats ur ambition?".... These are some of the questions that I've grown up with! As far as I can go back to my memories... even in my kinder garden classes, I've heard... Continue Reading →

Pre_Reunion Xpectation.

Well, lets see .... wats on my mind now??? Yep, 2morow... 2morow's "Reunion".... All my 12th grade classmates r gettin together after almost 2 yrs... or even more.... well, I do keep in touch wid a couple of em ...thanx... Continue Reading →

Ohh I love my Panda darling!!

Ohhhhhhhh I love my Panda.... She's the best dog I've ever known!! I named her Panda.... coz...coz... she looks like one.. !!! She's a smaller n sweeter version of the huge Panda bears!!! I had this assignment in photography comin... Continue Reading →

I still remember how I met Sam…

I still remember how I met Sam. It was a moment of embarressment that helped us, who were then total strangers, to become friends for a life time. It was a saturday evening and as usual I was window shopping... Continue Reading →

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