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The Watching Pigeon

It was one of those Sundays where I was finding it so difficult to just worship the Lord. I do not remember if it was some anxiety about something that distracted me or the usual self- criticism that got me... Continue Reading →


Look at the Sparrows: My first 3 in 1 painting

After I wrote the  "Inspire Me" blog, I had to do something inspiring right? Yea so what you see above is the result of my weekend painting. My first 3 in 1 painting set. I've put it up on the... Continue Reading →

Inspire Me

Being a daughter of parents who were not so excited about my creativity did not bother me at all. I initiated all my creative efforts when I was with them. They never knew I had a blog! They never knew... Continue Reading →

A Housewife’s struggle in a world that preaches Equality for Women

As a young girl of the 21st century, I enjoyed the benefits of women's rights. I had the privilege of going to school, college and employment in a multi national company earning almost 10 times more than what my mother earned when... Continue Reading →

Opposites attract, but after marriage??!!

I took a personality test recently and turns out, I am a Melancholic person. I wasn't very surprised! When my husband came back from work, I asked him to take the same test... and guess what, he is a Choleric person!... Continue Reading →

Scarey to have kids in this world!!!

I am starting to get bored at home... I'm not planning to work right now... Want to finish my MBA and then search for a suitable job... or have kids... wait til they are grown up... and then start working...... Continue Reading →

My new job description

Its been a while ( quite a while) since I wrote my last blog. Been busy... and then got lazy... Anyways, the good/ bad news is that Im gonna try writing again! 😀 Considering that I've passed college life, earned a... Continue Reading →

Why not an atheist ???!!!

Me, a once- upon- a- time- weak- atheist, can tell you why I personally didnot get to the strong- atheist level…and instead became crazy in love with God! The reason is… I lost my EGO!!!!! 😀 The realisation that people-... Continue Reading →

From home to tents…

I'm leaving home… I'm leaving my cage… I'm gonna be given the freedom I always wanted… and yet I'm already missing the over-protective life I always lived… aww… my over-protective father is such a sweetheart… who will love me like... Continue Reading →

Science freak… to Jesus freak!!!

I wanted to write my story of how I became a Jesus freak for a long time... The other day I had a talk with a friend and he was asking me the same thing... So I think I'll just... Continue Reading →

‘I AM’ coming back…

I have been saying that I will get back to blogging... and it has been months since I started saying that! And I know people loose their anticipation to welcome you back after a certain period of waiting! But yep,... Continue Reading →

What does your Handwriting say about you?

People love to know what others got to say about them, and why not be excited about what their handwriting's got to say about them! Im no expert in the subject at hand, but I did go through a book... Continue Reading →

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