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A Housewife’s struggle in a world that preaches Equality for Women

As a young girl of the 21st century, I enjoyed the benefits of women's rights. I had the privilege of going to school, college and employment in a multi national company earning almost 10 times more than what my mother earned when... Continue Reading →


miss me???.. dont miss me???..miss me???…

(Re-published) I got this forwarded sms a while back. And thats all I can think of, so here it is.. "Absence must be long enough so that somebody misses you... But it should not be too long, that somebody learns to live without... Continue Reading →

Contented life… so hard to find and so precious!

Blessed with an amazing husband, loving friends, supportive family, decent social status, a number of talents, good health, financial comfort,  and all that one could ask for, I don’t have much to complain about life… But ofcourse, the normal human that I... Continue Reading →

Whats the whole point of life/ living??

I have always had some "dream" to keep me going in life... The biggest dream I ever had has come true... I had my share of celebrating it... Now I'm stuck!!! What next??  Initially they were short term dreams... like pass... Continue Reading →

Broken resolutions!!

If New Year is the time when most people come up with the idea of making resolutions, for me its after the exams... or even during the exams... Its like when the exams start and when I am expected to... Continue Reading →

‘I AM’ coming back…

I have been saying that I will get back to blogging... and it has been months since I started saying that! And I know people loose their anticipation to welcome you back after a certain period of waiting! But yep,... Continue Reading →

Took too long…

She lay down on her bed staring out through the window. Her thoughts wandering many places, events and people... but the thoughts kept coming back to him... "Why do I keep thinking of him?? Its all over!!..." she thought and... Continue Reading →

Camera goof ups!

Im back to my crazy, normal self again! The past few days I've been tring to get MORE sensible... n mature... n practical... n organized and all those "perfection" stuff by making schedules after schedules... n more of schedules !... Continue Reading →

Turning a fresh new page…

I get bored very easily, esp. with myself... n that could b the reason why I keep tring new things.. And recently I've been making a few changes to myself. -> I got tired of the way I look, n... Continue Reading →

Whats Your Ambition?

"What do u wanna grow up to be?".... "Whats ur ambition?".... These are some of the questions that I've grown up with! As far as I can go back to my memories... even in my kinder garden classes, I've heard... Continue Reading →

Wierd! Thats the word for this!

I had a fight wid someone for some reason... n then I went to this place.. a place that made me feel I kudnt get outta that building... a huge building where I was all alone.....n then I went... Continue Reading →

Love hurts!

A friend who read my previous blog "I wanna belong!" where I had stated, " Get a bf now n I’ll hav other troubles for free….." has a lil doubt if I got "Boyfriend allergy" ... N he has challenged... Continue Reading →

I wanna belong!

Im in a very emotional state rite now....... n that might reflect on my blog..... N u shudnt read any further of this if ur gonna take my emotions lightly or widout the due respect!! Hmm.... n I might talk... Continue Reading →

Pre_Reunion Xpectation.

Well, lets see .... wats on my mind now??? Yep, 2morow... 2morow's "Reunion".... All my 12th grade classmates r gettin together after almost 2 yrs... or even more.... well, I do keep in touch wid a couple of em ...thanx... Continue Reading →

Im 20 going on its way beyond time to jus think.

Well... I turned 20 a few days back.... Yep.. im no more a teenager.. N now if u ask me how that feels??.... It feels no different!! I was always a mature girl for my age !! Why?? Anyones got... Continue Reading →

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