Only love could make a way

Knowing Him a bit more each day


oops another blunder!

Do you have your Citizenship proof?

I saw a building overflowing with people and I was sure I had found the place I was looking for - the Passport Office! Got myself an application form from an old man and decided to take it back home... Continue Reading →


Lost and found property!

There was this tableau competition in college and I was the professor who got beaten up by his students and died, so had to look like a man, and so had to remove my gold earing. Now after the competetion,... Continue Reading →

Camera goof ups!

Im back to my crazy, normal self again! The past few days I've been tring to get MORE sensible... n mature... n practical... n organized and all those "perfection" stuff by making schedules after schedules... n more of schedules !... Continue Reading →

Art of eating Sadhya

If having noodles using chop sticks need practice, so does having Sadhya in a banana leaf using ur fingers! Sadhya is a full fledged malayali vegetarian meals with approx. 25-30 types of dishes. Its had during special occasions like Onam... Continue Reading →

How careless can I be !

It was one of those days wen there were unusually a whole lotta things to b done.... n jus the way I like it, I got em all planned out in my mind step by step... Hmmm... I guess Im... Continue Reading →

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