Only love could make a way

Knowing Him a bit more each day



Just the way I am

Artist: All4love Album: (still need to work on it.. 😉 ) Track: Just the way I am.   I tried to fit into the world, playing different roles in different places. I tried to fill my emptiness, doing different things... Continue Reading →


Rainy days are here again!

I wanna see the stars in the night sky... But why is the sky so clowdy these days? I wanna speak my heart out to someone.. But why is it that I dont know wat to say? I wanna continue... Continue Reading →

Wudn’t u trust Him ?

A girl commented on my post "Wat's ur ambition" , n this song is a dedication for u.. I dunno who u r.. But hope u like it.. 🙂 Its a song, n I've put music to it too... But... Continue Reading →

Love or Friendship?

A poem I never completed..... " I knew you were for me, but what will you be? a friend? or something more? a hidden love in my heart's core?" Another poem i found in my diary that I wrote as... Continue Reading →

12 yr old’s love song.

I was searching my cupboard for some papers wen "My box of memories" got my attention. Its a box where I store up all my diaries, letters from friends, cards, gifts, n even some silly things like a name slip... Continue Reading →

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