Only love could make a way

Knowing Him a bit more each day



Her lonely loooooooooong day……………….

She knew she had a long dream... but she couldn't remember what it was when she woke up... She pondered her mind to recollect the few scenes in her dream... Splashed some water on her face, still trying to remember the... Continue Reading →


Lion ‘n Dove… fall in Love!!!

When you are on the "hunt" for your Mister/Miss Perfect, you might never find him/her... You might go into a trial and error method of tring out anyone and everyone you come across, but you may/maynot end up with that... Continue Reading →

Camera goof ups!

Im back to my crazy, normal self again! The past few days I've been tring to get MORE sensible... n mature... n practical... n organized and all those "perfection" stuff by making schedules after schedules... n more of schedules !... Continue Reading →

How careless can I be !

It was one of those days wen there were unusually a whole lotta things to b done.... n jus the way I like it, I got em all planned out in my mind step by step... Hmmm... I guess Im... Continue Reading →

Im 20 going on its way beyond time to jus think.

Well... I turned 20 a few days back.... Yep.. im no more a teenager.. N now if u ask me how that feels??.... It feels no different!! I was always a mature girl for my age !! Why?? Anyones got... Continue Reading →

Ohh I love my Panda darling!!

Ohhhhhhhh I love my Panda.... She's the best dog I've ever known!! I named her Panda.... coz...coz... she looks like one.. !!! She's a smaller n sweeter version of the huge Panda bears!!! I had this assignment in photography comin... Continue Reading →

Near Death Experience!!???

I heard something about my past from my mom today !!! No, Not that I was adopted !!!! Hmmm...I dunno why I said that....but for some funny and (surely) silly reason, I had my doubts if I was an adopted... Continue Reading →

I still remember how I met Sam…

I still remember how I met Sam. It was a moment of embarressment that helped us, who were then total strangers, to become friends for a life time. It was a saturday evening and as usual I was window shopping... Continue Reading →

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