Only love could make a way

Knowing Him a bit more each day



Understanding Jesus through my marriage

I got married just a few months back. But I already have a husband in Jesus. We can learn so much about Jesus through every relationship we have in this life. Father, mother, brother, friend, boss, government, they all show... Continue Reading →


Perfect love casts away all fear!

She had her share of bitter experiences of life at a very young age... Of being over powered... of being forced into things she detested... She hated herself... she blamed herself that she couldnot overcome those strong hands that pulled... Continue Reading →

‘I AM’ coming back…

I have been saying that I will get back to blogging... and it has been months since I started saying that! And I know people loose their anticipation to welcome you back after a certain period of waiting! But yep,... Continue Reading →

Wierd! Thats the word for this!

I had a fight wid someone for some reason... n then I went to this place.. a place that made me feel I kudnt get outta that building... a huge building where I was all alone.....n then I went... Continue Reading →

I wanna belong!

Im in a very emotional state rite now....... n that might reflect on my blog..... N u shudnt read any further of this if ur gonna take my emotions lightly or widout the due respect!! Hmm.... n I might talk... Continue Reading →

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